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10 Must-Have Desk Accessories in 2023

by Tonya Tyler 17 Apr 2023 0 Comments

A desk is one of the most important parts of a workspace. This has become more clear, especially after the pandemic, when people started working from home. Based on a study by McKinsey, this work setup will be more common in the coming years. 

If this is the case, it’s essential to personalize your desk to create a comfortable workspace. One way to do this is by adding desk accessories. 

Since you’ll be working at your desk, you need the right tools that wouldn’t serve as distractions but would help you work more efficiently.

This is why we’ve put together this list of the top and must-have office desk accessories for your workspace:


1. Desk Lamp

Desk Lamp Desk Accessory

A workspace with good lighting helps prevent eye strain while using your laptop or computer. Although taking breaks from the monitor helps, it’s better to not strain your eyes. This is why you should add a desk lamp to your space. 

This accessory helps prevent eye strains and brightens your working station. The key is to focus direct lighting on what you’re working on so using overhead lights or traditional lamps isn’t a good choice. 

Most desk lamps are small and adjustable so you can place them anywhere on your desk and angle it without obstructing your vision. Their brightness can also be adjusted to different levels and they come in different styles and designs. 

2. Organizers

Desk Organizers

Organizers are desk essentials to have a neat and clutter-free workspace. They give you the space you need to store your desk supplies like scissors, pens, cables, paper clips, and other desk items. 

Depending on the design and style, you can put an organizer on top of the desk or in its drawers. Ultimately, it helps you keep track of things on your desk, especially small ones. 

With a tidy desk, you can work better and be more productive. 

3. Laptop Stand

Laptop Stand

This is a platform that helps with the ergonomics of your laptop setup on your desk. It’s where you place your laptop so you can adjust the height of its screen. Using this has many benefits for the user and the laptop itself: 

  • It helps improve posture and reduces stress on your eyes and back. 
  • It helps cool down the laptop so it doesn’t overheat when you’re using it.
  • Depending on the type you get, it can help you conserve space on your desk. 
  • You can use it if you prefer working in a standing position. 

4. Stationery


A desk wouldn’t be a good working space if you don’t have stationery! 

Add pens, paper, staples, notepads, sticky notes, paper clips, staplers, and other necessary items to help you work better. These supplies are those that you constantly use that make working easier and faster.

For a more personalized feel, you can even get them in the same colors for a more aesthetically pleasing look on your desk. 

5. Wireless Charger

Wireless Charger

Wireless charging will let you charge your devices, like your phone,  tablet, earbuds, etc., more conveniently. It saves you the worry and hassle of running out of battery in the middle of work, like a conference call. 

You won’t need to use cables so you don’t have to worry about the ‘wear and tear’ problem you usually have with charging cables. Wireless chargers are also easy to store either in your drawers or organizers and help keep your desk tidy.

6. Desk/Chair Mat

Desk/Chair Mat

Desk mats, or more commonly known as chair mats, make it easier for you to move within your workspace. It’s a type of mat you put under your desk or chair which protects your floor from scratches, scuffs, and spills from your desk and chair. 

Aside from these purposes, most people also use a mat to reduce the chances of leg strain and fatigue. With one, you will need less effort to move or roll your chair. Or if you work while standing up, you can stay comfortable without hurting your feet and legs.

7. Docking Station or USB Hub

Docking Station or USB Hub

A docking station and a USB hub serve the same purpose: to help you expand or extend the functionality of your laptop. Since current laptops come with fewer ports, either of these two can help you connect your laptop to more devices. 

Deciding on which to get from two would depend on how simple your working setup is. 

If you only need a simple setup where you’ll just need extra ports to connect more devices, using a USB hub would be enough. But if your work requires a more complex setup, like connecting extra monitors, storage drives, etc., using a docking station would be better. 

8. Plants

Plants add beautiful touch to any desk

Even if you don’t have a green thumb and have no experience with plants, adding one to your desk has many benefits. Aside from brightening and cozying up your desk, plants can also: 

  • Reduce stress: This is because of their green color which is known to have relaxing and calming effects.

    • Clean the air: Plants can help remove unseen chemicals and pollutants in the air in your space. Having clean air then leads to great health benefits for you.

    • Increase productivity: The plant will get you psychologically engaged which can help boost energy levels and improve mood.

    • Help reduce noise levels: Plants can absorb sounds which helps reduce distractions when working.

    • Boost personal accountability: Since you have to take care of the plant, you will be encouraged to practice accountability, which can then improve your work performance in the long run.

    9. Desk Pad

    Desk Pad Desk Accessory

    Desk pads give you extra space for your keyboard and mouse. Since a desk pad is larger than a mouse pad, your mouse’s range of motion isn’t limited to a little square or circle. It can also provide cushion and support for your wrists, preventing potential injuries.

    Some desk pads also have water-resistant surfaces so cleaning them would be easy. Lastly, you can get a desk pad to add more color or aesthetics to your desk.

    10. Snacks

    10 Must-Have Desk Accessories in 2023 - Snacks

    Must-have accessories don't stop at supplies and gadgets, you also need something to fuel your body. Add snacks like energy bars, coffee, chocolate, pastry, water, and any other snacks you like to have. 

    These readily available snacks will help you maintain your focus, energy levels, and mood even after working for long periods of time. 

    If you’re conscious about sugar and calorie intake, there are snacks that are low in these that you can get. 



    Desk accessories help you work efficiently and comfortably, especially for long periods of time. To summarize, here’s a mini checklist of the top 10 accessories you should have: 

    • Lamp
    • Organizers
    • Laptop stand
    • Stationery supplies
    • Wireless charger
    • Mat
    • Docking station or USB hub
    • Plant
    • Desk pad
    • Snacks

    Start checking out our cool desk accessories collection to complete your list!

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