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7 Benefits of a Standing Desk

by Tonya Tyler 01 May 2023 0 Comments

It’s proven that living a sedentary lifestyle is dangerous to our health. Since most workers work in a sitting position, they’re susceptible to these risks. This is because when you sit, you use less energy than you use when you move or stand. 

Some risks include unhealthy cholesterol levels, blood sugar, blood pressure, and weight gain. Mayo Clinic experts stated that sitting also increases your risk of cardiovascular diseases. 

Luckily, with technology and innovations, you can avoid this now – using standing desks! 

Standing desks are desks designed to be taller than normal desks. They’re designed in such a way that users will have to stand up while using them. Using a standing desk will help reduce the risks of sedentary work. 

To help you understand further, here are more benefits of a standing desk you should know: 


1 - Improve Posture

Standing Desks Improve Posture

Since you would have to stand up to use a standing desk, you’ll tend to slouch less. When you stand, your spine elongates and becomes less strained. This allows your back and spine to be in their natural “S” shape, giving some relief to your spine as well. 

Using a desk with proper ergonomics ensures this benefit. By having proper ergonomics we mean having your monitor at eye level and your wrists hovering comfortably on the desk. Using it shouldn’t put too much strain and compression on your spine.

If you regularly stand, or even from time to time, standing in the right posture position will soon become more natural and you’ll get used to it. 

To stand in the correct posture, make sure to stand up straight and center your feet below your hips. Push your shoulders back, tuck your tailbone in, and hold your head high with your chin parallel to the floor. 

2 - Helps Burn Calories

Standing desks help to reduce calories while you work

One common consequence of a sedentary lifestyle is weight gain, and sometimes obesity. This is because your calorie intake is more than what you burn when you spend your day sitting. Although our bodies do burn calories naturally, you can burn more calories when standing up. 

It can help burn calories and help you lose weight. For reference, a 170 pound person can burn 186 calories when standing. But they burn only 139 calories when sitting. 

In fact, with an equal amount of time standing, you can burn over 170 additional calories

Another way standing up helps burn calories is by shifting your mindset. If you stand, you’re more likely to think in a “wellness mode.” In this mindset, you’ll be encouraged to stand up more and even walk around a bit throughout the day. This will even help you burn more calories and prevent weight gain. 

3 - Energy Bursts and Mood Boosts

Standing desks improve energy

Sitting too long is linked to increased risks of depression and anxiety. But, standing appears to have the opposite effect and improves mood and energy levels.  

A 2011 study showed that using standing desks lead to less stress and increased mood states. This is for a one-week study and is compared to those who sat the entire workday. Moreover, 87% of these participants had more vigor and energy the entire day. 

When they returned to their old desks and sat, their moods returned to their original levels. This suggests that you need to use standing desks as part of your lifestyle so you can get full benefits.  

Along with these, standing also causes small and active movements throughout the day. This can help you stay awake and alert. 

4 - Reduce Back and Neck Pain 

Standing desks reduce back pain

Back pain and neck pain are some of the most common complaints of workers who have to sit all day. This is because humans shouldn't sit too long. According to the NIH, 8 out of 10 people experience back pain during their lives. 

By choosing to stand, you can lessen the pain you incur while working. There are studies that show how intermittent standing can reduce the risk of back pain. 

A 2011 project also found that using standing desks does the same. For an average of 66 minutes, standing reduced the back and neck pain of the participants by 54% after 4 weeks. Moreover, removing the desks leads to eliminating these improvements.

5 - Lowers Blood Sugar Levels

Standing desks help to lower blood sugar

Blood sugar levels are expected to increase after every meal and large blood sugar spikes put you at risk of type 2 diabetes and other poor health issues. If you’re sitting all day, you’re not moving around enough, and your glucose levels can rise. 

With standing desks, you move more and therefore control your blood sugar spikes. 

In a small study, workers are in two separate groups: those who are sitting and standing. Results show that standing for 180 minutes after lunch causes a reduction of 43% in blood sugar spikes. But it showed no relevant reduction when sitting for the same amount of time. This indicates that the smaller blood sugar spike was a result of simply standing.   

With an excessive sedentary time at work, especially after meals, you’re more at risk of type 2 diabetes. That’s why when using a standing desk, you have less risks and you can control your blood sugar levels. 

6 - Better Circulation

Standing desks help to improve circulation

When you stand, you get better blood circulation in your whole body. Sitting can slow down your blood flow. This can lead to issues like blood clots, swollen ankles, peripheral neuropathy, and varicose veins. 

Moreover, if you sit for too long, as the blood flow slows down, fatty acids start to build up in the blood vessels. This can then lead to various heart diseases. 

When standing, we move our legs and get the circulation going throughout the body. Not only does this help with this; but it also helps improve our leg muscles, balance, and core strength. 

7 - Boosts Productivity

Standing Desks Boost Productivity

One common concern when using a standing desk is that it may hinder daily tasks, like typing or taking calls. Moreover, there’s been no known negative impacts reported by those who use standing desks. 

The benefits above show that workers get improved mental alertness, focus, and motivation. This leads to improved productivity. Your body is in better shape and it functions more efficiently.  



Getting and using a standing desk shows a lot of benefits and it doesn’t hinder the work you do. With a standing desk, you’re in better shape with better health and you’re more productive compared to when you spend your workday sitting. 

You can start checking our best standing desk collection and check which one is the perfect match for you. Work and stay healthy with our items! 

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